Mapping and Documentation of a Historic African-American Site by New South Associates

The download below contains a historical abstract of the cemetery along with statistics on burials and details concerning the methods and findings of the New South survey project.

GPR Survey Results

In April 2009 New South Associates conducted a Ground Penetrating Radar Survey (GPR) at Randolph Cemetery. The purpose of the survey was to indicate the presence of unknown burials in areas that appeared to have no burials and to determine the frequency of burials. The results of the GPR survey were used to help family members of those interred at Randolph Cemetery vote towards declaring a moratorium on sale of land and active burials at the cemetery.

Burial Database Search

The following search engine allows users to look-up individuals buried at Randolph Cemetery that are listed within the cemetery's database of burials. The database was compiled in 2007 and contains information on all known burials at the cemetery. Due to natural causes, long periods of neglect, and other activity many of the individuals buried within the cemetery no longer have a marker or any other identifier above ground to show where they are located. Those persons are not listed within the cemetery's database of burials.

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