The Committee for the Restoration and Beautification of Randolph Cemetery (CRBRC) is currently made-up of both the descendants of those persons interred at Historic Randolph Cemetery and interested members of the public. The Committee's membership includes local historians, educators, and preservationists. The CRBRC is proud of the diversity within its current membership ranks and hopes that everyone within and without the local community will view Randolph Cemetery as an important aspect of American history. Our vision is:

to see Randolph Cemetery as a beautifully restored and secure cultural heritage site; to encourage the community to visit and enjoy it; to ensure its continued maintenance; and to educate the public about its importance.



For the past five years the CRBRC has worked with the Historic Columbia Foundation, South Carolina State Archives and History Department, Richland County Conservation Commission and the South Carolina State Museum to see the preservation of Randolph Cemetery become a reality. In 2005 individuals representing these organizations came together to form the Downtown Columbia Cemetery Task Force. The Task Force's mission is to preserve the historic cemeteries within the greater Columbia area. The preservation and restoration of Randolph Cemetery is the Task Force’s initial effort.